Crypto EXPO Milan 2022, Milan city center, Italy

23-24-25-26 June 2022

Crypto EXPO Milan

4 days dedicated to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, DeFi, Web3, NFT

In Milan City, Italy

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CEM is the event you can't miss!

CEM is one of the most influential Italian conferences dedicated to the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, DeFi ecosystems, NFT, Metaverse and Web 3.0. During four days, Milan will host over 2000 participants, dozens of sponsors, influencers, speakers, user communities and media partners from all over the world. An exceptional event that brings together the brightest minds, game changers, creators, regulators and crypto enthusiasts along with business professionals, investors and blockchain and cryptocurrencies leaders. A unique opportunity to enter the Italian and international blockchain world with conferences, training workshops, exclusive parties and entertainment together with the most explosive community in the world.

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Speaker and guests of the event

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The speakers and guests of CEM 2022

Gwendolyn Regina

Investment Director at BNB Chain

Michela Silvestri

Business Developer - Broker Business Unit

Simone Pomposi

CMO Fantom Foundation

Nicolas Ghaffarian

Institutional Account Manager at Binance

Sanja Kon

CEO at UTrust

Alessandro De Grandi

Founder & CEO @The Nemesis

Sheraz Ahmed

Managing Partner of STORM Partners

Alessandro Brunello

Founder & Director at

Serena Tabacchi

Partnership Manager The Sandbox

Cristian Orto

Co-founder & CTO Theca

Tony Evans

Managing Director RATE FGC Group

Megan Nilsson

Crypto and NFT consultant and investor


Dev core Beefy Finance

Luca Clementi

Italian Community Manager The Sandbox

Luca Boiardi

Fondatore di The Crypto Gateway

Pietro Poretti

Director of the Economic Promotion Division of Lugano city

Davide Baldi

Divulgatore Finanziario

Marco Ruffa

Digital Transformation Director in Pinko

Amelia Tomasicchio

Co-founder e direttrice di Cryptonomist.

Michele Zanello

Head of Metaverse Event ( Over The Reality )

Raymon Ratti Beato

Director Digitalia Crypto Ventures

Alessandro Mazza

Influencer Crypto Ita

Marco Costanza

Divulgatore Finanziario

Lady in Finance

Investitrice, trader e divulgatrice finanziaria

Luca Di Fazio


Alessandro Civati

CEO della

Luca Taglialatela

International Tax Advisor and Planner

Benedetto Biondi

CEO Folks Finance

Alessandro Ricci

CEO Scaling Parrots

Carlo Cicala

Avvocato, Partner di Cicala Riccioni & Partners

Antonio Ereditario

Co-Founder di Crypto Power & Content Creator

Mario Colabufo

Runiverse and EliMobile Founder

Giampietro Cutrino

CCO (Chief Operator Officer) Progetto Runiverse e responsabile del dipartimento blockchain di Elimobile

Marco Barbone


Anna Fongaro

Vr Content Creator

Andrei Vandy

Founder & CEO TokHit

Damiano Rodriguez

Co-founder e CEO di Futbala

Adrian Niculescu

CEO MetaStudio

Federico Morgantini

Editorialisti di Forbes Italia

Silvio Luchetti

Web3.0 speaker

Raffaele della Rotonda

Avvocato - CLO Forint Finance

Tommaso Selicorni

co-founder Wineprotocol

Daniele Baraldo

Fondatore di 0xBusiness:

Alessandro Omega

Co-Founder 0xBusiness & Community Manager

Maurizio Zecchino

3D & NFT Artist

Stefano Pitton

Rust Developer


General Manager, Trader Joe

Giulia Brusco

The Crypto Queen

Antonio Vulcano

Partner at Campsor Capital

Fabio Rota

Founder Padelsociety

Didier Paradisi

Founder & CEO di Synergy4S

Amer Nour

Founder Meteora e Tokeninja, NFT enthusiast

Stefano Picchio

CMO InvestHero

Alessandro Del Saggio

CEO Investhero

Gianluca Landini

Ricky Wanga

Web 3.0 Developer

Arianna Luna

Extensive finance career structuring

Piervanni Ugolini Mugelli

Bitcoin investor and miner since 2011

Lorenzo Rigatti

Co-Founder and CEO of the BlockInvest project

Valerio Galli

Fondatore di The Nifty Italian

Federico collaborator, TNI Admin

Emiliano Marignoni

Digital creator

Marco Gallazzi

Digital Creator

Il marchese del crypto

Digital creator

Hard Rock Crypto

Digital creator

Alexander Lexx

Digital Creator

Sponsors & Partners

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Below are the top sponsors and partners present at ** Crypto Expo Milan 2022 **. Discover the protagonists of the event and meet the companies that participated in the 2022 edition

Fantom foundation





The Nemesis


Scaling Parrot


Beefy Finance


The Sandbox





Bubble Music






Bang Record

The crypto gateway

Tax Planning Internazionale

Nemesis Wealth Project

Storm Partners


Traffic Manager

The Milanese aperitif moves to CEM!

Binance MeetUp Friday, June 24, 2022

From 19.00 to 24.00, a Meetup organized by Binance and Crypto EXPO Milan will be held in Milano. During the event various themes of the crypto and blockchain sector will be discussed, the Italian team Binance, the digital creators present at Crypto EXPO Milan and number of other guests will be present. During the meeting, various prizes will also be distributed for the best questions that will be asked to the participants, together with a good aperitif for networking.

The meetup is open to all holders of the CEM22 pass and will be held in the spaces of our event.

Binance meetUp

Futbala kickstarter

The "mysterious" footballer with over 50 million followers will launch Futbala

Futbala, the next-gen soccer game, will be launched by one of its founders, a player who will be unveiled at the presentation on Saturday 25 June. Try to guess who it will be! Some clues: it has over 50 million followers and the transfer fees exceed € 100 million

Presentazione del Futbala

Theca Gala dinner

Saturday 25 June 2022 from 7pm to 11pm

Our sponsors, speakers, digital creators and vip guests with Business and Exclusive tickets will participate in the exclusive dinner offered by Theca, The first blockchain library. A rich and pleasant menu sprinkled with wine and bubbles will accompany the** nominations** of our diners, along with unique music and entertainment.

Theca dinner Gala

The Nemesis party

Party Saturday 25 June 2022, with DJ Ross (in IRL)

The Crypto EXPO Milan location will be transformed into a disco for the exclusive party offered by The Nemesis, from 11pm on Saturday 25 June. Special guest DJ Ross from Bang Record who will perform during the evening with dance music and exclusive CEM entertainment

The nemesis party

DJ Ross and DJ Max Savietto

DJ Ross and DJ Max Savietto will play during the Crypto EXPO Milan events

On Friday night during the Binance MeetUp, DJ Max Savietto will play. On Saturday night during The Nemesis party, DJ Ross will play

DJ bang recordDJ bang record

A mural from real to virtual

During the Crypto EXPO Milan, eDaXer artist from Milan will create a mural that he will transform into NFT live

Lorenzo Eda aka eDaXer, has its first roots in the art world through the urban shapes and colors that represented Milan in the midst of the socio-cultural change resulting from a sudden and drastic advent of the digital universe, which directly influences the vision of the concrete shaded by the shades of reality until now considered obsolete, and it is precisely this period that influenced the artist, who during a path born from the pure expressive gestures of graffiti then poured into the harmony of beautiful writing, in search of an expression that evokes the origins of urban reality in that period of such drastic change, suddenly impacts on a socially affirmed digital context as unknown, where emotions are closely linked to logic and where logic fails in the face of continuous change that it surrounds us, in an eternal inner conflict.

Theca dinner Gala

Digital creators

The Content Creators who together reach over 1 million followers, were guests at the most influential event on Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverso and NFT.

Stefano Castiello al Crypto EXPO Milan

Stefano Castiello

Leonardo Vecchio al Crypto EXPO Milan

Leonardo Vecchio

Emiliano Marignoni al Crypto EXPO Milan

Emiliano Marignoni

Marco Gallazzi al Crypto EXPO Milan

Marco Gallazzi

Hard Rock Crypto al Crypto EXPO Milan

Hard Rock Crypto

Il marchese del crypto al Crypto EXPO Milan

Il marchese del crypto

Anonio Ereditario al Crypto EXPO Milan

Antonio Ereditario

Jesse Adjei al Crypto EXPO Milan

Jesse Adjei

Alexander Lexx al Crypto EXPO Milan

Alexander Lexx

Andrea Landriani al Crypto EXPO Milan

Andrea Landriani

Federico Ronzoni al Crypto EXPO Milan

Federico Ronzoni

Community Partners

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Crypto Expo Milan highlights the best known communities in the blockchain and crypto sector with dedicated spaces within the conference. The Italian and international communities met to get to know each other live and discuss the hot topics of the sector, all in areas for the exclusive use of users of each community.

DeFi Italia

Invest Hero

Crypto Ita

Crypto Cube


I Am Affiliate

Criptovalute Gruppo Italiano

Crypto Valley

Hard Rock Crypto


Italian American Blockchain Association

Investitori Folli


Turtle Road

The Currencies



The Cryptonomist

Yahoo Finance


ADN Kronos








Crypto Flux

Crypto Robin

Italian Crowdfunding

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